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  Geoff Murrell


I am a singer/musician who plays mainly bars and restaurants in the Almeria region of Spain, both solo, in the duo m&m, and with the classic rock band Stiff Upper Lip.

In my youth I sang with various local bands but gave it up in 1976 when I moved away. It wasn’t until around the late 1990s that I decided to get back into live music and answered a newspaper ad for a singer for a new ‘progressive rock’ band that were forming in the Reading area. I auditioned and got the job. We called the band G-Mark, and it was a semi-pro venture as all the guys, including me, had day jobs. We played original material that we wrote ourselves, with some covers, and developed a good local following. We played at various functions in and around the Thames Valley area, including weddings and parties, and some decent sized venues, including South Street Reading. 

Playing original material is rewarding, but I wanted to sing songs the audience knew. I moved to Abingdon Oxfordshire in 2004, and answered an ad in an Abingdon music shop for a singer for a rock covers band. I auditioned and got the job, so that began my five year stint with Oxfordshire’s premier rock covers band ‘Nameless’. We were very popular and busy, and during those five years I had gigs most weekends, Fridays and Saturdays.

In 2007 I got a call from the old bass player in G-Mark, who had disbanded, and he invited me to join a Who tribute band they were forming called ‘Who Are You’. I have always loved the music of the Who so I went along and ended up joining them. I decided to keep on with Nameless, so for the next year I juggled engagements with both bands and was able to successfully fulfill both roles. ‘Who Are You’ have played some prestigious gigs, including South Street Reading, Brighton Pier and the Who fan club convention.

In April 2009 I was forced to give up both bands when we moved to Canillas de Albaida, in Spain, although I did return to the UK in June and September 2009, to play gigs with ‘Who Are You’ when my replacement in the band was unavailable.

In November 2009 I got together with two other ex-pat musicians in the Competa area of Spain and formed the acoustic trio ‘By The Way’. We were together for about a year and played many local venues, performing our mix of acoustic, pop, folk and rock. After ‘By The Way’, I played in a trio called ‘MPG’ for a couple of years, and we enjoyed a good deal of success locally. During this period, I decided that it was time to go alone and got myself some solo gigs using backing tracks, and on some songs my guitar. Since then the act’s gone from strength to strength, and I’ve expanded my repertoire to a point where I can offer a broad variety of songs and styles, and even offer a whole night of exclusively Country music, Rock music or Beatles music for example, and most recently I have performed a night of Songs from the Shows. I sing a wide variety of music, from swing to rock, pop to country and soul to folk. This variety is my hallmark, something for everyone.

We moved from Malaga to Almeria province at the end of 2015, where I continued to do my solo show. In November 2015, I formed the classic rock band with 3 like minded people, and I am delighted to be playing with three such fabulously talented musicians. Most recently, I have also been working with piano player extraordinare, Jim ‘Boogieman’ Mackie, and we plan to do more in the future.


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